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Sorry we are not able to ship plant orders outside of New Zealand.

PLANT ORDERING Plants can ordered through our shopping cart, by phone 0800 746 367 or by visiting our Plant Centre view Contact Us  for our location.

PLANT SIZE The prices listed are for our well grown three and four year old bushes. (Size 30cm – 90cm high) depending on variety.

We also have more advanced grade plants in some varieties and these are listed from the smallest advanced grade available.  The price is listed for the five year old grade, please Contact Us for prices of the six year plus varieties you are interested in.

On receiving your interest in advanced grade plants we will get in touch with you to discuss your requirements and go over what we have available.

SUBSTITUTES Please select 'SUBSTITUTE my plants if they are unavailable' on the shopping cart or send us a separate email at the same time you place your order, if you'd like substitutes for varieties that are sold out for this season. We will contact you to make sure we can get as close as possible to your wishes.

COLLECTION We will notify you when your plants are ready to collect. We ask that you please phone before calling for your plants (especially during weekends), to ensure someone is present at the Plant Centre. If you have a large order to collect, please give at least one days notice so it can be assembled beforehand.

As our plants are bare rooted, any prolonged holding over of an order places extra stress on the plants. To avoid unnecessary handling, if you are collecting plants, please do so by the end of September, or advise us if you are unable to.

DESPATCH Plants are usually ready for despatch from July onwards and up until the end of November. Plants ordered after the end of November will be despatched the following July.  Generally plants will be delivered to your home, without prior contact. If you are going to be away during the period we despatch plants (July and August), please notify us so we can freight your order at the most convenient time. We prefer not to freight plants after the end of September as vibration in transit can break off new growth but will freight up until the end of November.

PLANT PACKAGING We use cardboard cartons reinforced with timber, so the chance of crushing or the bottom falling out of the carton, is reduced. Rhododendrons are very special plants and we consider a little extra attention to packaging is worthwhile. Freight companies rate our packaging very highly. Please do not try to pull your plants out of the cartons - cut the carton away from the plants.

PACKING CHARGE A minimum packing charge of $2.00 per plant will be charged on orders of three or less and $1.80 per plant for four or more, G.S.T. inclusive. Larger plants require a bigger carton with a corresponding increase in the packing charge.

COURIER FREIGHT TOLL PARCELS nationwide are our chosen couriers this year with whom we have negotiated special rates. A minimum number of plants per order is not a requirement of our business, but we do find it costs considerably less per plant, for you to freight two or more plants per consignment. e.g. Approximate costs of a consignment via TOLL PARCELS couriers of four plants to a destination north of Taupo $38.00, to the lower North Island $27.50 and to the South Island $55.00-$62.00 inclusive G.S.T. One to four plants would cost less to freight and there is an option on the order form to ask for the cost of freight prior to despatch. We may consider MAINFREIGHT a more cost effective option to destinations north of Taupo or the South Island, for consignments of eight or more rhododendrons.

RAIL FREIGHT For rural destinations that are not on a main MAINFREIGHT route, arrangements will be made by us, with you and MAINFREIGHT, to organise a suitable drop off point closest to you. It is often more economical to use MAINFREIGHT for big orders and most Advanced Specimen size plants need to be sent MAINFREIGHT. These orders are despatched in wooden crates.

The packing, freight and plant cost for advanced specimen plants will be quoted separately.

PLANT ARRIVAL When plants arrive they sometimes may not look quite as fresh as when they left Cross Hills. If plants appear dry, soak them in a container of water until bubbles cease to rise (for no longer than five minutes) then plant, or keep moist in a shady place, until they are planted.

GUARANTEE We guarantee all plants to be of good quality at the time of despatch. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with the plants on arrival, please contact us immediately.

PAYMENT You will be contacted with the total cost of your order and sent our Bank Details to pay by Web Banking or you can phone through your Credit Card number.

OFFICE HOURS Our office is staffed weekdays 9.00am to 5pm, phone 06 328 5797 Manawatu area or Free phone 0800 RHODOS - 0800 746 367. If it is not convenient for you to phone during the day please phone in the evening - phone number as above.  Or Email office@crosshills.co.nz

PLANT CENTRE OPEN  7th June 2022 to November seven days 10.30am - 5pm. (N.B.) Because our plants are field grown, a lack of soil moisture some years in the month of May can delay our digging. We suggest you phone in advance before visiting the Plant Centre in June.

All prices are G.S.T. inclusive.

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Catering is available for pre-booked groups only, subject to availability, please contact our office to discuss.

Where to find us

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