Product Trichopel – 2kg

Help has arrived for those gardeners who struggle to grow rhododendrons in clay based soils, with consequently poor drainage and resulting damage to root systems.

The solution has been developed here in New Zealand, what is more, it is natural and non toxic, affordable and it works.

The Product is Trichopel

Trichopel contains the living beneficial fungus Trichoderma. Trichoderma acts as a mycoparasite with antagonistic properties against many wood invading and soil living, fungal pathogens, which infect plants and their roots. The good news is that Trichoderma has a broad spectrum of activity against many fungi including Rhizoctonia, Pythium and most importantly Phytophthora, the main cause of failure with rhododendrons grown in heavy soils particularly in warmer areas. Trichoderma is a living organism which will rapidly establish under appropriate conditions (pH 4-6.5) and may remain in the soil for extended periods of time. Trichopel does not take away the need to improve your soil composition. The Trichoderma fungus acts as a safety measure to help minimize the death of rhododendrons from Phytophthora. If you suspect this has been a problem in your garden in the past, or could well be in the future, this product will be very beneficial to you. (See the general cultural hints pg 70 as to identification of Phytophthora infection of plants.) For new plantings e.g. three year old rhododendrons, only 50gms of pellets per plant is all that will be required. Mix Trichopel pellets in with the soil at time of planting. Trichopel is available in100 gm packs or 2 Kg packs. We can put a pack, or packs, in with your plants to save freight costs. * Registered Trademark of Agrimm Technologies Ltd.

Price: $95.00

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