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Please read our FAQ’s and Planting Hints sections before ordering your plants. There is some very helpful information included, to help you make a decision on how to prepare your ground through to after purchase care.

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Rhododendrons  The genus rhododendron includes nearly 1000 species (as found in the wild) and many thousands of hybrids (crosses between either two species or subsequent crossings).

Cross Hills rhododendrons are grown in open field conditions, without shade at an altitude of 1800ft (600metres). Growing in an ideal loam soil our plants develop an excellent root system. Cross Hills plants are well known for their good shifting qualities having been hardened by snow and frosts. These ideal conditions are very similar to those of the Himalayas where many rhododendron species first originated.

As a generalisation, species have more interesting foliage than hybrids. Species on the whole, flower earlier in the spring. Mention is frequently made of indumentum and tomentum when describing the foliage. Indumentum is a covering of small hairs on the leaves, usually on the underside. This forms a fur, skin or felt-like layer which can be deep brown, silvery, fawn or white. Tomentum refers to a similar coating on the upper surface of the leaves.

Our advanced grade rhododendrons make a sizeable impact. You are welcome to visit our Nursery and look around these plants with Rodney or Scott. Please phone to arrange a suitable time.

Standardised rhododenrons can either be planted as a focal point in tubs, on a patio, near a front door, or just as effectively as a unique feature planting in your garden.  Striking as young plants, these designer trees are even more impressive as they mature. They are a fantastic investment.

Deciduous Azaleas make one of the greatest splashes of colour in the spring garden. All produce brilliant colours, have large trusses and as an added bonus, the autumn foliage colours up well. They look impressive when planted in a group. Deciduous azaleas are hardy and grow best when planted in full sun.

Evergreen Azaleas the descriptions of our azaleas frequently refer to the term hose-in-hose. Hose-in-hose flowers have enlarged sepals which are the small leaf-like parts at the base of the flower where it joins the stem. Sometimes you hear them referred to as ‘cup and saucer’ type, with one layer of the flower sitting inside the other.

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